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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dear Diary,

Today we are in Arizona.  When we stopped for the day yesterday, I got to go out into the desert and see a cactus.

DSC00547it was really sharp with spines!

DSC00532The weather was really cool and nice.  I liked it and wondered if there were any rattlesnakes around.  Mikko would like that a lot.  Not me.

DSC00530I listened carefully for a rattling sound.  I didn’t hear any.

DSC00556ON the way back I saw a Border Patrol car.  I pretended I was on the run!  I wish Mikko was here, we could pretend to run in the desert!

DSC00557When we got back to the truck, Papa let me sit at the drivers wheel.  I bet Mikko would be so jealous if he saw this! 


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