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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dear Diary,

Did you know I live on a truck?  It’s ok I guess.  Sometimes I get bounced all over the place.  I like to watch out of the window and see different things.  I like dolls too.

DSC00496I got teased about my lobster socks.  I really like my lobster socks!

DSC00498It’s cold on the truck at night, so I wear them.

DSC00495I wear my scarf too.  It keeps my ears warm and my hair from getting too dusty.

Best of all I like to read books when it is time to go to bed.   I am learning all about dolls.

DSC00502DSC00503 DSC00504 DSC00506

Sometimes I wonder how come I look like some of these pictures.

DSC00507Sometimes I get called a living doll.  I wonder what that means.


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